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What is Body Therapy

Body therapy is an effective treatment of body and mind in order to provide relief and reduce tension and pain from physical and psychological conditions. 

It is achieved through pulsating movements, massage, breathing exercises, acupuncture and zone therapy, body manipulation, and body positioning.  Body therapy can take many forms, but overall it is a holistic approach focusing on the connection between body and mind. 

I am a Totum Body Therapist, and looks at body and mind as a unity, and how our mental state is reflected in our body and vice versa.  As an example, if you have experienced being stressed, you probably felt it physically as shallow breathing, stomach pain, or tensions in your neck and shoulders. This is the body reacting to your mental state and trying to alarm you that something is not right, and that you should stop and listen to these signals. 

What is Body Therapy

What can Body Therapy do for you

The treatment of your body is to reduce pain and help improve your health and overall wellbeing. The treatment can both be focused on muscle tension and pain relief and/or have a more psychological approach for stress, depression and trauma release. 

Mind and body is connected and therefore I will treat it as a whole and help you get balanced. No one should live a life with pain as there’s always a way to improve your health. Let’s do it together.

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Physical pain can be unreleased feelings and emotions

The experiences and feelings you have through your life can settle in the body and create tensions or pain if they are not dealt with and released. Be it stress, anxiety, sorrow, worries, lack of confidence, a traumatic experience or feelings you have not been able to express. As a body therapist I work with the tensions and pain through both physical treatment and therapeutic conversation. Through the treatment you become more aware of the connection between your body and mind, and how physical release of tensions and pain can also release suppressed feelings and give insight about yourself. Defense patterns or simply reaction patterns.

The body remembers unpleasant experiences we have been through, and this will influence the way we act, because on a conscious or unconscious level, we want to avoid these situations again. This can influence the way we are with other people, the way we make our close relations to those we care about, and the way we react when we are under pressure or hurt. These defense patterns or reaction patterns can be more or less beneficial, and even limit the way we live our lives. Body therapy is an effective and self-loving way of becoming more aware of the reaction patterns that are limiting and holding you back from living your life the way you want.

Effective Pain Release Treatment

Body Therapy can be curative for a wide range of symptoms, including but not limited to:

MindBody Therapy


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"The best investment you can ever make, is to invest in your own health"

Pricing Information


1 body therapy session of 60 minutes
750 kr

5 treatments card

5 body therapy sessions of 60 minutes
3.375 kr
  • Save 10% on all treatments

The first appointment includes a talk session of additional 15 minutes.

All packages are available also as gift cards.

Payment can be made via MobilePay, Bank Transfer or Cash.

Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the appointment will result in full payment.

"Strong hands to help dissolve my persisting neck and shoulder problem. Everyday life's stress and busy schedule weighs on me and I pass by regularly for a body therapy session."
Lotte Hartmann
Self Employed
"Anne's expertise in body therapy has been nothing short of transformative for me. Combining guided breathing exercises with a focus on nervous system regeneration, she creates a secure environment that genuinely supports healing. Her personalized approach has been invaluable, significantly improving my well-being. I can confidently say I wouldn't be where I am today without her help. I wholeheartedly recommend her."
Luca Fabriani
Sales Advisor
"Anne helped me relax into and reconnect with my body. Just what I needed. Anne is great. I can warmly recommend her.“
MindBody Therapy - Tom Knox
Tom Knox
Test Manager
"Anne is welcoming, present and really good at her work. I find that Anne, in addition to continuous conversation, works intuitively and senses what is needed right here and now. Which she has an incredible ability to do. I personally find that very reassuring, in addition to giving me the best possible treatment. Already after the first visit, I felt clear healing in both body and soul. I felt more grounded and relieved at the same time, and am very much looking forward to continue the process together. My very warmest recommendations from here."
Zeleste Roseflor
"This was the most useful massage I've ever received. I felt an immediate pain relief, my headache passed and my shoulder muscles were less tense. I felt my body full of energy at the end of the session. I will be coming back to keep my body balanced and healthy."
Linda Klein
Social worker
"Anne is an excellent body therapist. She combines an in-depth knowledge of the human body with extensive experience. Over several sessions, she was able to help me with a shoulder injury that was lingering for months. She has a very strong intuition and also has a way to put you at ease, making for a very pleasant experience. I can highly recommend body therapy with Anne either with an injury or without."
Aleksandr D.
Project Manager

The treatment takes place at the clinic ‘Center for Trivsel & Velvære’.

Nørre Voldgade 21 A, kld. 1358 København K.

Press the button for ‘Center for Trivsel & Velvære’ and go straight through the yard and down the stairs to the right. Make yourself comfortable in the waiting room.


Trained and certified body therapist from TOTUM – Skolen for kropsterapi.

Member and insured by the Danish Therapist Association.

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